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The post Contemporary records Store presentation night

Cardinal presents the ephemeral portion of The Post Contemporary Records Store in an evening of three special presentations.

Our program includes the following presenters:
7:00 p.m. Performative artist talk by The Vinyl Vagabonds
7:20 p.m. Performance by Vaunita Goodman
7:45 p.m. Performance by Neil Feather
More details below!

The Vinyl Vagabonds will share two of their "vagabond" stories and share two vinyl tracks with us as they elaborate on their piece "Reggie the Lovable Record Slob."

Using dance, monologue, projections and vinyl records, Baltimore-based artist Vaunita Goodman offers viewers a celebration of the contemporary African cultural diaspora. 

Sondheim award-winner Neil Feather will briefly comment on his kinetic sculptures in the exhibition before serenading the audience with one of his invented instruments, the cocolina.

FREE and Open to All!

Friday, January 19, 7 P.M., FREE

Artist Vaunita Goodman has been rehearsing her piece for Performance Night. Here's a clip that Vaunita and videographer Ajay Malghan put together this week. Can't wait to see you all this Friday!

More about Vaunita's performance: Music's unlimited, atemporal nature and the profound impact of the Negro on The Industry of Recording Arts and Sciences serve as the foundation of Goodman's performances.


Baltimore Kissa Society listening Party 22: The Music of Butch Morris

This listening party features an hour of vinyl recordings by composer, conductor, and jazz cornetist Butch Morris. Open turntable session at the end of the evening for those bringing their own vinyl. Refreshments provided.

Sunday, February 11, 6-8 P.M., FREE

More info on the Baltimore Kissa Society's website.


more info coming soon!