Cardinal residency 02

Stephen Booth and Seán Boylan

February 4- March 7, 2018

SB SB pic.jpg

For Cardinal's second residency project, Baltimore artists Seán Boylan and Stephen Booth will explore their ongoing collaborative practice.

For their research, they will document a diary of installations in response to the Cardinal Gallery space.  Their stay comes at a time when the gallery itself is undergoing continued renovation, meaning their work will respond not only to a space, but a space in flux and state of growth.  Objects, sets, vignettes, and ephemera will come and go with the ebbs and flows of the building's construction projects.

The underlying theme of Cardinal Residency 02 is artist-practice-as-research.  The Gallery will release a publication coinciding with the residency in March.

Along with artist Amelia Meekins, Seán and Stephen previously organized Rope on 508 West Franklin Street in Baltimore.