September 7 - November 8

Hidden Paths

Every week Baltimore produces positive but underreported stories that demonstrate the power of communities to affect change and shape public spaces in positive ways. Unfortunately, the burden of shaping our neighborhoods towards the better is often placed on these proactive communities because the design of our man-made, urban spaces are largely expressions of the socio-economic gaps and political divides that inform them. But the practical value of these spaces is dependent upon the social relationships and personal interactions that take place within them. If our world is shaped by broader economic and political forces, how do we highlight and support the agency of individuals that operate within it? How do we articulate everyday practices as something significant? And how do we recognize the multitude of perspectives that permeate any one geographic location rather than aspiring to false notions of a harmonious society? This exhibition highlights artists who create perambulatory works that are intentional, purposeful, and participatory. Their practices help reveal power structures hiding in plain sight, provide additional platforms for personal narratives about the city, or provide participants with tools to critically examine their everyday surroundings. A gallery installation of ephemera and visual material from the artists will be on view at Cardinal’s gallery space from September 7 through October 5. In an effort to expand the frameworks of exhibitions, the overall show will continue with publicly advertised walks led by featured artists through November 8. To fully experience the exhibition, audiences are encouraged to participate in these artist-led walks.

Featured Artists: Todd Shalom, Ada Pinkston, Malcolm Peacock, Graham Coreil-Allen, J$Fur, Miguel Braceli, Susie Brandt

The exhibition begins with an improvised walk by Todd Shalom and is followed by an artist reception and performance by Graham Coreil-Allen. Walk: 3:30-5:00 p.m. | Reception 5-8 p.m. To attend the walk please RSVP to (limited capacity)

Information on all artist lectures and public walks can be found on our Programs page.