An arts space that's never sure of itself.

What's in a name?

The word "cardinal" can mean many things, and if we don't immediately think of a red bird it's because we instead think of a western religious figure just before that.  But after those two things, one also remembers that cardinal can refer to a direction.  And more specifically, cardinal refers to the most important directions.  

There's a latin word "cardo" that translates to "hinge."  And the Romans used the derivative "cardinalis" to refer to “something on which a development turns.” We at Cardinal believe that the directions that art take in turn tell us where our city and our society is headed, and we would like to be one of the hinges upon which those directions form and pivot.  


Get involved.

We are always looking for extra help, please see our Contact page if you'd like to assist us.

We'd also like to encourage you to go see exciting art around the city. In addition to following Cardinal, please check out these other great local spaces:

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The Team



Alexander Jarman

Alexander is an artist and museum professional living in Baltimore.  He received a Master's in Art History from San Diego State University, while in San Diego he also managed the programs department at The San Diego Museum of Art for seven years.  He also co-curated four consecutive years of that museum's performance art festival before moving to the east coast for a position at The Walters Art Museum.  He is repeatedly humbled and energized by the talent of the local art scene.  Beyond his own art practice, he is also a vinyl hoarder and DJ and runs the Baltimore Kissa Society, which is dedicated to hosting monthly jazz vinyl record listening parties.

More about Alexander

More about the Baltimore Kissa Society




Ariel Cowen

Ariel is a writer, designer, and arts professional living in Baltimore.  She received a Bachelor's in English, Technical Communications from the University of Tennessee before moving to San Diego and working in the development department of the San Diego Museum of Art.  From 2015-1017 she was the Development Manager for the Baltimore Choral Arts Society and is now pursuing a Master's degree in Publications Design at the University of Baltimore. Ariel designs for local artists and events, including Infinity's Kitchen, the Baltimore Kissa Society, and Cardinal.  



Studio artists

We have some great artists making art in the building with us.

Check out the work of the talented people making art in the Cardinal building:

Yuxin Pei

Kristin Panousos

Michael Shattuck

If you are an artist looking for a studio space, please email us.  We have studios available from 100 to165 sq. ft. each.